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10% discount

We offer 10% discount to our college students, firefighters, military, medical professionals, and teachers. Must provide proof upon first appointment.

We reserve the right to refuse service

Massage Treatments

All treatments come with complimentary hot towels

Pre/Post Natal Massage

A massage designed specifically with moms in mind. Must be 2 months post birth to receive treatments and also not a high risk pregnancy. $70.00 60mins $105.00  90mins

Rip Tide Massage

This is our lymphatic drainage massage. Used for skin tightening, edema, bursitis, and to encourage poor circulation (great for diabetics)  $80.00   60mins

Beach Comber

This is our swedish relaxation massage. A lite to medium pressure is used, with relaxation technique in mind. Go for the Beach Comber Plus for a longer duration. $70.00  60min   $100.00   90mins (plus)

Thunderstorm, Tropical Storm, and Hurricane

Each are the different time durations and skill level used in deep tissue session. The Thunderstorm $80.00 (60mins) intro trigger points are used, with some advance technique. The Tropical Storm  $110.00 (90mins) we explore deeper trigger points, myofascial release is used, more advance technique is used. The Hurricane $140.00 is for the advanced deep tissue client. It is a (120mins) Neil Asher technique is used, stretching and cupping therapy is included to help reach the deepest knots. 

Honey Badger Massage

This is a coffee massage. We freshly grind up beans and create a custom scrub for your back and upper legs. Meant to invigorate and reduce the appearance of cellulite. $90.00 70mins


Skin Care Menu

Skin Consults are always free of charge


This razor-sharp service gives instant results for dull skin after just one treatment. $75 (Monday's special $45)

Express Facials

Not sure which facial to try? Short on time or cash? Need something quick for an upcoming event? Look no further, we have you covered with our Express Facials which are 30 minutes long. They are available in Hydrating ($45) Barnacle [Acne facial]($50), Fish Kiss ($80), Men's ($45). We also offer a Velocious Facial which is only 15 mins long and a great add-on to any massage or body service. ($27)

Signature Mermaid Facial

This house recommended facial service is also featured in our signature spa package. This facial is excellent for those with heavy red tones, hyperpigmentation from the sun, wrinkles from sun damage, and uneven complexion. Featuring an activated charcoal bubble mask, hand compounded french green mask, with relaxing aromas of the sea. The featured service in this facial is LED Light Therapy. Meant to help combat uneven skin tone and redness. ($90)

Dolphin Facial

This high-frequency skin treatment helps instantly fight acne, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and refresh the look and feel of your skin. ($145) Add the narwhal add-on to any facial to experience a high-frequency experience ($50)

Men's Facials

We offer a standard men's facial for most skin types, with little to no facial hair. Meant to hydrate, apply extractions for congested areas, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  Our Beard facial is meant for those who have moderate to heavy facial hair. We use a high-frequency tool to disinfect and fluff the hair, while we also address underlying dry or acne-prone skin. ($80)

Barnacle Facial

This is our acne facial, this customized facial starts with a consultation with our experienced aesthetician. See our aesthetician, for more information. Age range 16-99+

Fish Kiss Facial

"It feels like tiny fish are gently kissing my face!" {client experience} This collagen enhancing facial is great for those looking for age rejuvenation, congestion issues, and headache relief. Paired with our hyaluronic acid products, we turn back the hands of time. Add the fish kiss option to most facials ($25)

Foot Treatment

Looking to put that cherry on top of that facial? Add a 12 min foot massage during your facial with our massage therapy. Feel yourself melt into the table with complimentary hot towels and manuka honey foot cream. ($15)

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